What is Canker Sores: What Causes Canker Sores?

Have you experienced difficult situations like when you are offered your favorite food or beverage, you are unable to consume them due to painful sores in your mouth, or perhaps you are expected to consume the edible and you do it with a painful ordeal? Have you seen your loved ones going through such difficult situations? The culprit causing all these is termed as Canker sores. You will find all necessary information as you read through this article to understand this disease, its causes, its symptoms, its medication and most importantly, ways to prevent it to avoid the painful ordeal.

Canker sores is a disease which causes ulcers inside the mouth and throat areas. Technically it is called Aphthous stomatitis. Aphthous literally means ulcers and stomatitis means inflammations of the mucous membrane layers inside mouth and throat. Canker sores are one of the most common oral conditions prevalent. Nearly, one out of seven have experienced this condition at least some point in life. It is normally observed in young adults, teenagers at the onset of adulthood and gradually the occurrence decreases with age. Females are more susceptible to this disease. There is a relief about this disease; it is not contagious in nature.

Causes of Canker sores:

Sadly, to this day there are no direct causes recorded for Canker sores. Empirical studies have led to substances and situations which may trigger an episode of this painful disease. Following are the factors which cause Canker sores:

1. Heredity: Studies have shown that people reporting Canker sores have a medical history with this disease.

2. Oral trauma: Injures to the face, particularly on the cheeks, chin, neck or inside of mouth, trauma caused on the gums and inner layers of mouth during dental braces fixation or brushing can trigger aphthous stomatitis.

3. In some, a compound Sodium lauryl sulfate present in the regular toothpastes are known to cause canke sores.

4. Consumption of specific foods like fruits containing citric acids.

5. Food allergies can cause canker sores.

6. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12, folic acids and iron cause canker sores.

7. Although it is unproven, menstrual cycle is often suspected to trigger canker sores.

Symptoms of Canker sores:

Presence near round or oval shaped ulcers or lesions varying in size in the inner layers of mouth, cheeks, upper throat, etc which are often very painful in nature. These lesions can appear as a single patch or in clusters. Based on the size of the lesions, the disease can be categorized as follows:

1.Minor case: The size of the lesion is between 3 – 10 mm.

2. Major case: The size of the lesion is more than 10 mm.


Many medications like analgesics, anti-septics, steroids, etc are available to cure Canker sores. Prevention of the disease by practicing proper oral hygiene like using salt water or non-alcoholic agents for mouth-washing, cutting down spicy foods and avoiding those that cause allergies can significantly reduce the possibility of conceive this disease.


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