What is Asthma: What Causes Asthma?

Many people in the world suffer from AsthmaA long term disease of the lungs that inflames and narrows the airways, asthma is one of the most common diseases in the world. Typically, the disease causes the sufferer to breathe with great difficulty, have chest tension, have a light air intake, and heavily cough. The coughing usually occurs during the morning or evening hours in the majority of sufferers. There are two asthma types, allergic and non-allergic.

Allergic asthma is when the sufferer experiences asthma symptoms set off by an allergic response from an external factor. It is often characterized by the hindrance and swelling of the airways. Allergic “extrinsic” asthma is the more common of the two types of asthma.
Non allergic asthma, also called intrinsic, is when the sufferer experiences asthma symptoms triggered by factors which are not allergy related. Both intrinsic and extrinsic asthma share many of the same symptoms (obstruction of the airways, inflammation, coughing, etc).
One of the most severe forms of asthma symptoms is called the “asthma attack”. During an asthma attack the muscles in the airways constrict, the linings become inflated, and the mucus that exudes from the airways becomes stuck in place, causing the airways to become heavily congested.

Asthma most commonly has two types of treatment; quick relief and long-term control. Quick relief medicines are used to swiftly end asthma symptoms, where as long-term treatments are used to actually prevent symptoms from even happening in the first place. Even though asthma medicine is easily accessible and available for most of the general public, many sufferers still do not receive the proper treatment.  People all over the world suffer from asthma, but it should not stop anyone from living a healthy, active, fulfilling life.

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