What is Alcohol Addiction: What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol Addiction and TreatmentsDrinking alcohol is a part of many cultures all over the world, it has almost been ingrained into our way of life and has become a habit for many. However if your drinking habits turn from rarely to habitually to dependently, that is when an alcohol addiction might be taking place. At its core, an alcohol addiction is when someone consumes far too much alcohol at one time or in one day. Abusing alcohol in such a way is part of the reason one might gain an addiction to the drug.

What causes alcohol addiction?
There can be many underlying causes for developing an alcohol addiction. External, internal, psychological, and various risk factors can all come into play when one is talking about the causes of alcohol addiction. Some researchers believe that alcohol addiction might be an inherited disease, but in fact it is not passed through the genes (such as traits like eye color for example). Although it has been suggested that children growing up with an alcoholic parent or other influential adult in their lives might be more predisposed to developing the disease then children who do not grow up with an alcoholic authority figure.

What are the symptoms of an alcohol addiction?
The early symptoms of alcohol addiction might include being frequently under the influence of alcohol, drinking alcohol in risky and hazardous situations (for instance when driving a car). Other premature signs of developing an alcohol addiction include consuming alcohol until you “black-out” and heavy mood swings (becoming irate or depressed). When alcohol is directly effecting an individual’s life in clearly negative ways, but that individual still drinks and consumes enough alcohol to become intoxicated, that is when alcohol abuse becomes true alcohol addiction. At this stage of dependence, the sufferer will drink alcohol knowing very well that it will damage his or her life in some way or form.

Common treatments of an alcohol addiction
Alcoholism can be treated by using various different individual treatments. One type of treatment is called relapse prevention. This treatment uses established techniques for finding and dealing with problematic behavioral issues. Using short-term goals attempting to change behavioral patterns is also another common treatment for alcohol addiction. The use of this type of therapy for alcoholism is used in an attempt to provide assistance for individuals wanting to stop or limit their use of alcohol. Another popular and common method for treating an alcohol addiction is making use of twelve-step programs for recovery.

Another method of treatment is called stimulus control, the is a type of therapy that encourages the sufferer to distance themselves from situations that might trigger their addiction. Ultimately there are many different styles and types of psychological treatments for alcohol addiction. Each different method works by tailoring it for the certain alcoholic. There are also various medications which help treat alcohol addiction as well. The way these treatments work is by decreasing alcohol cravings in the user, decreasing the body’s euphporic response to alcohol, as well as lowering withdrawal symptoms and feelings.

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