Causes of Vertigo

Understand the causes of VertigoCauses of vertigo could be the result of problems in the brain or in the inner ear.  Vertigo is the sensation that you or your world is spinning or moving.  Vertigo is very different from dizziness because vertigo is a description of an illusion of movement.  Vertigo has relatively few causes, but outlined below are some of the causes that can result in vertigo. [Read more...]

Vertigo Exercises to Relieve Symptoms

Vertigo exercises to relieve dizziness and discomfortIf a person experiences vertigo on a regular basis, he should consult his doctor about vertigo exercises that can be performed to help alleviate some of the balance problems that are associated with the disorder.  Certain types of vertigo, like Meniere’s disease or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, are so severe they put the person at risk for falling down.  Vertigo can affect a person’s quality of life and it may interfere with certain levels of activity.  A doctor may recommend certain activities that can be done at home to help the body get used to the confusing signals that are causing the vertigo. [Read more...]

What is Vertigo: What Causes Vertigo?

What is vertigo explainedMany people have experiences of dizziness and have questions about what is vertigo.  Vertigo is a sensation that people describe as the feeling that they are spinning or that the world is spinning around them.  Most often, vertigo is associated with an inner ear problem.  To give you a background of the inner ear, you need to know that it has two parts:  the vestibule and semicircular canals.  The two parts help the body know where it is in relation to gravity.

The semicircular canals are fluid-filled and are lined with nerves that send signals to the brain to help with balance and coordination.  Typically, when the head moves, it causes fluid in the semicircular canals to move and the information is transmitted to the brain.  When the head is no longer moving, the fluid stops moving also; but sometimes there is a delay and this is the dizziness that people experience.  [Read more...]